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What Happens to the money if I don’t use it that year?

All unused funds roll-over to the following year. • With an Health Welfare Trust (HWT) for a  Company that is Incorporated – Account funds will role over indefinitely. • As with a  Private Health Services Plan  (PHSP)  used by sole proprietors, self-employed,  contractors, consultants, tradesmen, professional corporation etc.  – Two year forfeiture […]

I am an incorporated business owner and would like to have a HSA. Do I have to provide HSA’s to my full-time employees?

As long as you can prove that you are in a class of your own (i.e. executive), you do not need to offer the benefit to all employees.

Employee HSA Contributions

Contribution levels can be based upon employee classes. If the employer can clearly define classes for employees, different amounts can be offered.