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What happens to the funds in the account should I die?

Contributions remaining in the trust can only be released for eligible medical expenses. If there are dependents listed on the plan they still have access to the remaining funds. However, if there are no listed dependents, the funds stay in the HSA.

Who can be listed as an eligible dependent?

An eligible dependent is defined as a spouse or any member of the household with whom you are connected by blood relationship, marriage or adoption, and who is financially dependent upon you at some point in the year. In addition, this dependent must be a Canadian resident, having resided in […]

How does a Health Insurance Plan work with a HSA?

A basic drug and extended health coverage plan is a great compliment to your HSA. It can protect your HSA in case of catastrophic illness. Obviously, the best possible situation for a Canadian tax-payer is is to have comprehensive Health Insurance, with no deductible, and fully paid for by someone […]

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